Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping with 2 little monkeys

So,this is my standby day,S3 start from 1600 until 2200.Most probably won't get call up in this period of,I decided to hang out to ioi mall at Puchong with Esther who stay near by there too. It's Merdeka day which I almost forget bout it,the mall is so crowded.I have been long time not shopping in this kind of feeling...“好多人啊!!!”hahaha...

the monkeys?
LOL~is Esther's 2 children
the elder one 7yrs old

the youngest one is only 3yrs old.
"He's so naughty!!!"

the ah boy so noisy,keep asking his mum to get him sweets.Plus,not expensive that one he dun wan =.= "Pandainya~"

Grab what they want XD

Got sweet sure got game right?

See him~

Kids is the BEST

She don't like to take picture,forced by me this dai jie jie...haha XD

but her brother ❤ to take pictures so much,and knw how to posing.lolx...

Juz a simple day spend with them...^^