Sunday, November 29, 2009

Singapore Airline @ my experiences

Walk in interview Cabin Crew

We will be conducting a recruitment exercise for Flight Stewardess/ Steward in Singapore. If you meet the following standards, we will be pleased to meet you at our walk-in interview.
  • Singapore or Malaysian citizenship
  • Females who are at least 1.58m; Males who are at least 1.65m in height
  • Degree/ Diploma
  • At least 2 GCE ‘A’-level credits and 2 ‘AO’-level credits including General Paper in the GCE ‘A’-level examination
  • At least 5 GCE ‘O’-level credits including English and working experience
  • For Malaysian qualifications at SPM level, at least 5 credits including a minimum grade of B4 in English and working experience is required
  • Completed, are exempted from, or are not liable for National Service. Those in the process of completing NS may also apply.
Our comprehensive 4 months training program will cover topics such as:
  • Product Knowledge including Food & Beverage
  • Service Procedures
  • Passenger Handling
  • Deportment & Grooming
  • Language & Communication Skills
  • Safety Equipment Procedures
  • First Aid
On successful completion of training you will commence flying duties.
Remuneration & Service Benefits

 A monthly allowance will be provided during training. Upon graduation, you can look forward to a basic salary and various allowances amounting to about $3,500 a month. In addition, there is an annual wage supplement of one month’s basic salary and profit-sharing bonus. You will also be entitled to free travel to any SIA destination once a year and enjoy discounted travel at other times.


Interested applicants, please download and complete this 
application form. Please bring the following documents for registration between 9am and 2pm.
  • Completed application form
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Original(s) of:
    a) your birth certificate
    b) all educational certificates
    c) identity card
Interviews will be conducted on 12 December 2009 at:

Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 3, Meeting Room 325-326
1 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039593
Some thing I want to say...
Well,every time this kind of interview I will know as early as possible,dun know why at all...maybe there's faith.Tell you guys about my experiences between airlines and me.
The first time I went to interview(actualy not consider interview also) the airline was AirAsia,this was the most stupid experience that I ever had!I didn't even step inside the interview door too,because I forgot to bring my documents!!!I know I know,u'll laugh me right?Coz of my careless,a big stupid careless... 
Second experience was Firefly,there are 2 stage of time interview.I prepared well all my documents and photos and I pass my first interview.I were so happy~But!There's not thing perfect happened to me.Until the second stage,I were late~What causes me late was not important to me any more,just can say that I'm unlucky...Interviewers had bad impression to me,definitely I can't pass it too,although I'm confident to myself before that.But I lost my chance again...

Until the third interview,"saya tak putus asa""我没有放弃"I keep trying to success my dream.I went to the MAS interview.There were four stage of interview I need to face.No wander there were how long I need to wait,how tired am I, I still keep smiling and do my best.This time I pass the interview until stage three,1 more step I need to go only.Why?I'm not sad,but disappointed.I though I will pass it,I satisfied to my presentation and I think I'm better than some one,but NO,I stil fail it.Maybe I'm not malay...
Every process of  interviews I learn and get experiences from the others.Each failed make me feel so tire,but I know I have to stand up again to face the coming challenges to make my dream come true.This time is the oversea interview,ofcoz I'm interested.One thing I'm worry bout it,my SPM in English score grade C only,if im not mistaken,some people say is OK,but the condition there have to take B,any professional can give me the accurate answer?
Who are interested in this career,don't miss this chance.Give yourself a better chance to learn.
~Good luck~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy day

Long time I have never been this excited before in Kampar.
Song,Calyn,Wai Yee,Mimi,Siew Foong,Juliet and me are having a great great day,izit girls?^^
And this is a "black Thursday" for us,look at us...

all in black~
Yoo~in the air...haha...funny
all getting crazy,look at Song(3rd from left),like floating in the air space the higest
I love~this!

Look like inside the toilet..haha
Yeah~friends forever!


This day my classes are full,make me extremely tire,but I'm still happy and exited,we are going to have steamboat in Mango.wakaka...We purposely empty our stomach and wait for our dinner.haha...

All of us are eat until full full and plan to have 2nd ground.That's me lah~hahaha...
Some more I can fill in 1 more bottle of Sarsi,walauyeh~@,@
Song is so exited with her basketball game,so we go back to Westlake first.
U know~girls play basketball are super fuuny to watch,Song,Calyn and me are one team,while Mimi,Siew Foong and Wai Yee are another team.We keep scream and chasing the ball in the dark court,hahaha...this is the way we play.Is fun!Dun laugh~
One more thing,a lizard story.
A naughty lizard disturb us while we are gossiping in the middle of the court.First it walk across Wai Yee's leg and than it run to our  begs that not far from us.All of us afraid it will go inside to one of our beg,luckily not me,but is Siew Foong!When she find that lizard is in her lovely beg,she straight away cry~pity Foong...
Around 12am,we yum cha at MM,I order a cup of Nescafe ice if not I know my eyes sure tak boleh tahan.=,=
We sit and gossip until 2am sum thing only leave~girls girls girls...have infinity of topics~haha...
ok ok...balik lah~
But I still haven sleep yet,and continue my "Gong Sum Gei" episode 27.haha...and I receive a bad news from Siew Foong,but I wont tell here~hehe...Shiew Foong hor?^^


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sale sale sale!!!

Well,without scientific prove,female is purposely sensitive with "SALE" this word,agree?

Today, after I have my lunch with Kai my mum straight away bring me out with her again for this...

Windsle promotion.Normally this kind of things in market is selling more than RM100++ but now,u see lah...

Semua aunty rampas

This fei mui zai keep walking infrant of me ,aiyah let u under my camera too loh...^^

curi curi tangkap gambar mereka,tengok apa mereka buat sana...hehehe...

Finally,these are my mum buy de,orange color de is mine de...hahaha...
and all of these are total only RM120+ only.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cum ladies & gentlement,let me introduce my idol!

hahaha...I like her so much since I'm 16yr old.
U'll ask me how I know about her?
Is bcoz of POPTEEN mag.I like her when the first time saw her in mag.
Some more she's so young~
Let me show u all her pictures...
She just look like a princess^^

She's trend~

Some more she had already married
This is her handsome husband which is a model too.His name is 直树,sound familiar right?
Yes,this is the name that a guy in a movie call 恶作剧之吻~But this not him...wakakakaka...

Not only that,she had a baby boy when she was only 22yr old.
Young mamiii....

But she still continue in her modeling career...

Wahh...high heels some more!pro~
Yeah...I love u


U Tar Model Search 2010


UTAR Model Search is to provide students with the chance of a lifetime and opportunity to be a UTAR Model. This event also aims to search and bring out the talent in student besides achieving academically.

For those who are interested, please register yourself at:
Date: 23/11 - 26/11/09
Time: 10am - ...3pm
Venue: Cafeteria, Block C (UTAR Perak Campus)

Age: 18-25
Height: 170cm (male) 156cm (female)
Registration fees: RM 15
*MUST be UTAR students

Friday, November 20, 2009

ifeel -December

Karen as ifeel cover girl.Pink and girlish cover,I like it!
And not forget to get the newest ifeel girl search result from it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New faces as normal I go class in the pretty morning after a cup of Nescafe and a cute bun.
There's a 03xxxxxxx number calling me but I din pick up and also one of the ifeel girl Wan Yee,she called me.
And she text me:
"Baby!(seems so exited...haha)ifeel sunny have call me to do some photo of intro eat n shopping buy phone like that d thgs!She want find me n u!tis thursday around 12pm~4pm at Low Yat Plaza thr!u free?"
Seriously I'm so happy when read this message.There's a chance be model again for ifeel.
After class,I immediately call Sunny for more info. and ask details.
I call my mum for the next call too for my PASS(permission).She have to buy KTM tickets for me and some one who accompany me to KL.(If not I can't go without accompany,sweat~)

Okay,PASS receive.The next thg I have to do is arrange my replacement classes that sit on Thursday.I'm having 4 classes in the same day,OMG!
Is ok,I can handle it.Without wasting any time,I go to office to check on those tutorials and lecture classes that I need to replace.Luckily all are fix in to my time table^^
Some more,today classes are so full!I have 3 classes non-stop,all like stick together with UHU gum.
BUT~ the most weird thg is I don't feel tire at all.Maybe the Nescafe is really useful.haha...
Another weird thg is I do not feel cold at all in the whole day included in classes with my singlet only.I just feel warm,maybe too many fats in my body~hahahaha...
Okay,all my report is finish.Time to bed
Good NightzzZ...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Marketing assignment is making me headache,how to do??!!
Who can give me more info about Rolex watches?
What I know about Rolex is just EXPENSIVE,and dun know how many years I have to work and earn money to have that watch.Why people like Rolex so much?Especially uncle~
Dun know how many watches I can buy just for only one Rolex.hahaha...
Who can help me?