Sunday, April 4, 2010


I know recently I'm seldom in blog even on9.Sorry to all my dears...
But however I will post some special tik tok in my daily life and my academy life.
Although this training is only 2 1/2 months,but everyday we are learning new things,everyday is so important,we are not allow to miss 1 day class,if not we will be drop batch.Beside,we need to follow many rules and regulations while training to be a quality flight attendant.
This is my first aid class,took 5 days to finish this course.Many things to memories which included practical and paper test. Luckily pass my first aid practical too.^^

Me and Shana.
I'm doing CPR to "Anne"

In class we are 100% serious,BUT break time we are like monkey~LoL

I had forgotten which day was it...
That morning I go to academy as usual after I entered the class 1 of the instructor ady inside my classroom and my classmates paying attention to listen seriously.After that all girls busy to touch up LCCT and welcome two F1 drivers who are going to take competition in Lotus Race.They are Heikki and Jarno. wander lah~Lol XD

Tony,Heikki & Jarno.
Media all around and whole office staffs came to welcome them.

Not forget to take pic with the poster ^^
Akbar,me,Jen,May & Zainab
"Malaysia's Pride Has Come Home"
Let's talk bout another class
Early in the morning ady tak sempat nak take pic XD

Another assessment test 
We learn in half early of the day and test at noon.I keep practice n practice in In-flight room.
The worst thg was...
When I nervous my hand will shake and cold sweat =,=
This happened in my assessment =(

But but but...I pass my assessment also~^^

OK until here 1st,time to sleep =) Gd night~