Friday, October 30, 2009

Before and After

Before                      After


Ifeel Girl Search 2009 final left 1 week to go only.I have to go KL by tomorrow for one week  with full of practices and activities under arrangement of ifeel.I have to take leave in U Tar,assignment start,feel guilty and sorry to my group mates.Pressure and stress coming nearer and nearer to me bcoz of the competition.I hope to enjoy the process and get experiences,but some times not like what we think so easily,have to face many social problems and be independent to solve them by yourself.
Coming this week sure will be my busy and memorable week.Catwalk training,Coyote dance training,hair touch up and rehearsal,these make me feel enjoy but in the same time I also feel tire.
Dun care any thing dy,just ... GOD BLESS ME