Monday, March 8, 2010

My Sunday in Nilai

Date : 7th March'10
Venue :Time Square 

The first morning in Nilai,woke up at 9 some thing morning and had a walk near by and bought my breakfast alone =( not use to it. So many shops were not open =,=!I need to buy many groceries.So I just followed my friend TH's car to KL.I ask Woei Hann to accompany me and so luckily that was an old friend Yu Wern had dated him,so 3 of us just shop at Time Square.
Dom & Yu Wern

Dom & Woei Hann
A nice guy
We had our breakfast+lunch in Vivo cafe

Look delicious rite?
Thanks Woei Hann treated us for this nice meal ^^

Then is the noon,TH accompany me tried to get a bus and learned how to go Air Asia academy.But that's too bad there are no bus pass by there,they will just stop at the nearest round about and I need to walk in,that's a distance.haih....Plus,it take more than 1 hr to reach.OMG!Hate to take bus~

First Day of Training

Date : 8th March'10
Venue : Air Asia Academy

I wake up so so early 5.30am,how long did I never wake up at this time ady?Force to wake up?Nope~Is bcoz I cant sleep well  =(  and some thing happened with Mr.K.My housemate is working near by there so she can fetch me no need to take bus.huh~

Reached academy at 8am,is kinda early,I'm the first one.muahahaha...Waiting every one reached we were called to Air Asia main hall and had a brief with us.Submitted the bond,so gonna work for Air Asia for 2yrs start from now on ward.

Today was just a short meeting get to know each other as well and I'm the one who youngest.haha...Here's another problem again,my passport is going to expire,and the admit wants me to renew before the training end.And now the original passport is not with me is at Ipoh.If I really get my passport,when did I gonna renew it?My class is from Mon-Sat,9am-6pm.=,=!!sigh...

Next,we went to measure for our new uniform and get our luggage and beg.
Luckily I met Veen here,he's
19yr old,same!
from IPOH,same!
currently staying in Nilai,same!
and he drive.
YES!Some one can let me tumpang d. ^^
   The main hall
Veen,Dom,(sorry,forgotten ur name)teehee...
we are from PERAK!

So that's all for the first day,tire...wanna sleep d.