Friday, July 24, 2015

Flying with Saudi Arabian Airlines

This time I'll post about some basic info about my current airline.
I've been flying with Saudi Arabian Airlines for 2 and a half years. Living and base in Saudi Arabia. The first two years I was based in Jeddah and moved to Riyadh since this year February. I’m flying Airbus, Boeing 777 and E70. Saudia only hire female flight attendant from other countries and male flight attendant are all Saudis. New hire will be giving approximately 3 months of training and after graduate will bond 1 year for the airline.

Saudi Arabia’s having 2 seasons. From April to September is summer and the highest  temperature could reach 50’c. From October to March is winter and I love winter time in Riyadh. Early in the morning it’s only +/- 10’c.

We can only wear abaya ( essentially a robe-like dress) whenever we are out from the house and most of the local woman even covering their face and hand.  

Days Off/Vacation
This is what I like about this airline and I don’t think any other airlines giving this kind of offer. Each month we are having 9-14 days off and at least 5 consecutive days off per month. Some time it could be 8 days per month as well. So we can fly back home with these days off or fly to any where for a short gateway every month. 30 days of vacation leave in a year. The vacation is chose by month ,In order to say we are flying for 11 months in a year only.

It’s tax free working in Saudi Arabian Airlines. I started my basic salary with SR3100 (around RM3069) after 6 months probation I get another SR200 increase. For each year the basic salary will be increase SR200-300 as well. One month bonus is giving to those flight attendant who reach 650 hours flying time in the pass one year.  If you are a workerholic you may also open the days off to willing to fly and extra allowance will be paid as overtime flying hours.
(Basic + Layover allowance + Base allowance + Grooming allowance + Over time bonus ) Average each month will get around SR 8.5-10k.
Accommodation  & Transportation
All flight attendants are staying in a compound provided by the company and I am pretty lucky to get a single room in a villa house living together with another 2 Malaysian friends. The house is fully equip with air-condition and we do not have to pay any bill. My house is located around 500meters away the check out-point, is really difficult to walk out during summer time and also to avoid my makeup melted before the flight I can always call the mini golf car to my house and pick me up. Crew bus is always ready at the check-out point to send you to the airport. From compound to airport is only 15-20min journey.

Insurance and medical are fully covered by the airline. Beside, each flight attendant could enjoy 7 free tickets a year to any destinations that Saudia flying to.  

Normally we will get 2 to 3 international and domestic layover with some roundtrips(day trip) in a month. Average flying hours is around 75hrs each month. For standby or we call them reserve crew can chose 6 days off in a month and the rest of the day will be standby. There are 2 different shift of stand by, Shift A 0301-1500; Shift B 1501-0300. 12 hrs standby at home. “Golden call” could ring you any time. If so lucky that we receive the call we will have 30min time to prepare ourselves and get to the check out point.  

Briefing will be having 1hr30min before the departure time. And that’s the time we meet all the crews who flying together in a briefing room. Supervisor and purser will check the flight attendant’s documents and brief us about the service and safety. Position will go by seniority as the most senior flight attendant or FC(first class) crew have the priority to chose their desire position first. Once we are on board we will change our jacket to vest for more comfortable during service. Less than 1hr domestic flight will be beverage service. 1hr-2hrs domestic flight will be beverage and cold snack and International flight will be hot meal service. For long haul flight like US destination which more than 12hrs flight time we do open buffet after the first service. At this time some of the crew will take their rest and others crew have to help them to cover position until their turn to take rest. After we arrive, crew bus will take us to hotel and that time is my favorite moment =) I can do anything I like and enjoy my layover.   

If you wish to have a pair of wings come and join me. 

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